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The Dublin Whiskey Experience - The ultimate whiskey tasting tours in Dublin. With Gareth Downey as your whiskey guide, his vast experience in the Irish hospitality industry will give you a truly unique experience in whiskey tastings around Dublin. Choose from our Historical Whiskey Tour, Old Distillery Walking Tour and Whiskey Tasting or Hidden Dublin Whiskey Tour.

Private tours and corporate events available on request.


Irish Whiskey - a potted history

War, famine, power struggles and politics - these are some of the ingredients that go to make up the story of Irish whiskey. 

George Roe Distillery, Thomas Street, Dublin

George Roe Distillery, Thomas Street, Dublin

Irish whiskey dates back more than 1,000 years, when Irish monks began making their own “uisce beatha”.  In 1608, The Old Bushmills Distillery in Co Antrim became Ireland first licensed distillery. By the middle of the 18th century, there were more than 1,000 registered distilleries in Ireland, as demand for whiskey reached saturation levels. In the 19th century, Irish whiskey sales were badly hit by the Temperence movement and the Great Famine. Whiskey exports thrived, however, and America in particular was fast falling in love with the smooth nectar from the ould sod. In the early 20th century, Ireland was fighting a War of Independence, and Irish whiskey became a major casualty. Prohibition in the US also badly hit exports.  Scottish distillers were quick to seize the opportunity, and Scotch soon overtook Irish as the world’s favourite whiskey. In 1987, John Teeling launched Cooley Distillery, the first independent distillery in 100 years, marking the beginning of a renaissance for Irish whiskey. 

Irish whiskey is now the fastest-growing premium spirit category in the world, and Whiskey tourism is growing in Ireland, too, with 814,000 people visiting Irish whiskey attractions in 2017. 




“The hidden gem of Dublin, Ireland that packs a real "wow factor" is the Dublin Whiskey Experience with Gareth Downey. An intimate adventure featuring tastings of the finest Irish whiskies in some of Dublin's most traditional, yet unique and beautiful pubs mixed with the city's fascinating history and rich culture. I (Carla) don't even drink whiskey and I had a blast and didn't want the night to end. Gareth will enthrall you with his knowledge and stories. Thank you Gareth and Failte Ireland/Tourism Ireland for sharing this enchanting tour with us. You must add this to your list when you visit Ireland. This was perhaps THE highlight of our entire trip.“

For a true taste of Ireland, you must take the Dublin Whiskey Experience - 5 Stars
Carla and Woodrow, USA about Dublin Whiskey Experience


Dublin Whiskey Tour

“We had an amazing time walking around the city and tasting some whiskeys. Even though I am not fan of this kind of alcohol I learnt to understand the kind of whiskey etc. Also the bar and the stories behind them were quite cool.”

Linda - Air BnB March, 2019

Amazing experience

“Gareth was a wonderful host and we were lucky enough to have just the tour to ourselves. All of the pubs we went to were awesome, Garth's knowledge didn't just end with whiskey, anything about Irish history as well. Highly recommend, we had a blast!”

Vanessa - Air BnB January, 2019

Whiskey diversity

“This was a very special and unique experience. Gareth has shown us traditionally pubs and also some secret places around Dublin. Wouldn’t want to miss this magnificent tour and would join it at anytime again. Highly recommended!”

Lukas - Air BnB October, 2018


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