For a true taste of Ireland, you must take the Dublin Whiskey Experience - 5 Stars

The hidden gem of Dublin, Ireland that packs a real "wow factor" is the Dublin Whiskey Experience with Gareth Downey. An intimate adventure featuring tastings of the finest Irish whiskies in some of Dublin's most traditional, yet unique and beautiful pubs mixed with the city's fascinating history and rich culture. I (Carla) don't even drink whiskey and I had a blast and didn't want the night to end. Gareth will enthrall you with his knowledge and stories. Thank you Gareth and Failte Ireland/Tourism Ireland for sharing this enchanting tour with us. You must add this to your list when you visit Ireland. This was perhaps THE highlight of our entire trip.

Carla and Woodrow, USA about Dublin Whiskey Experience

A delightful afternoon full of Irish history, whisky tasting, and a tour of Dublin's historical pubs - 5 Stars

“We undertook a tour of Dublin's "best kept secret" pubs with Gareth. We were looking for a one-on-one experience in which we could try some Whiskey, learn about the distillation, and what makes Irish Whiskey unique. What we got was way more; Gareth took us around some of Dublin's oldest pubs, taught us the deep history of Ireland and how it is intricately tied to the history of Irish Whiskey, and learned about the fall and new rise of Irish Whiskey. A great experience overall!”

Simon H about Dublin Whiskey Experience

Fantastic tour with Dublin Whiskey Experience - 5 Stars

“We made a last minute booking on a dreary weekend in October- and honestly couldn’t have found a better way to spend an afternoon in Dublin! The whiskey was obviously the highlight, but we also got to visit some really interesting bars and pubs. Gareth was experienced and had a wealth of knowledge not only about whiskey, but also history of Dublin and Ireland. He also provided some great recommendations for the rest of our trip. We would definitely recommend this tour!”

EliseClare90 about Dublin Whiskey Experience

Irish whiskey tour - 5 stars

"It was an amazing experience, we had so much fun and the tour was very educational and interesting. Had a fantastic time and the locations we visited were extraordinary, I recommend this tour for anyone who loves whiskey as well as anyone who is a beginner and would love to try. Once again we have to thank Gareth, our hosts for such an amazing experience!"

Alex S about Dublin Whiskey Experience

Truly unique whiskey experience! - 5 stars

"Gareth made this tour absolutely unforgettable! His personal touch and knowledge of real Dublin made me feel I belong this lovely place. Thank you so much for making it so interesting and unique! Will definitely recommend to everyone !"

Margarita S about Dublin Whiskey Experience

Unique Dublin Experience - 5 stars

"This was a great experience! Gareth is very knowledgeable on a variety of subjects and very friendly and personable. My husband and I really enjoyed our time and it gave us a nice introduction to the city and a memory we will always have!"

Megan M about Dublin Whiskey Experience

Great experience - 5 stars

"The whiskey was delish and the information was insightful ... I highly recommend this experience for a group of friends staying in Dublin for the weekend."

Michael S about Dublin Whiskey Experience

Great Tour - 5 stars

"Really enjoyed the "Dublin Whiskey Tour", Gareth is very knowledgeable and the bars are cool. Thanks J"

Johnny T about Dublin Whiskey Experience

Dublin Whiskey Tour - 5 stars

"It was a really enjoyable way to see Dublin and taste more lovely whiskeys. Gareth was excellent and knew his stuff. It was a great way to spend a few hours."

Peter O about Dublin Whiskey Experience

Cool and knowledgeable - 5 stars

"This was a great way to spend an afternoon. Excellent local whiskies mixed with local knowledge of Dublin. It gave me a completely insider view of the city that I didn’t expect. I can now talk with a little more authority on Irish whiskey (with an ‘e’!!) too;)"

Saigon_susie about Dublin Whiskey Experience

Whiskey diversity - 5 stars

"It was a rainy day in Spring in Dublin and what better way to spend it than sipping fine whiskey in three carefully-chosen bars. The tour was the “hidden Dublin” tour and it took us to places we didn’t know existed! Gareth knows his stuff and we tried from a diverse range of local whiskies. Excellent."

kolm35 about Dublin Whiskey Experience


Sally - March, 2019

“Was an amazing experience! Lots of knowledge, history and the places he took us was an experience in itself! Glad we made it!”

Linda - March, 2019

“We had an amazing time walking around the city and tasting some whiskeys. Even though I am not fan of this kind of alcohol I learnt to understand the kind of whiskey etc. Also the bar and the stories behind them were quite cool.”

Vanessa - January, 2019

“This experience was purchased for my husbands 30th birthday and I'm not a whiskey fan but I still had a great time! Gareth was a wonderful host and we were lucky enough to have just the tour to ourselves. All of the pubs we went to were awesome and Garth's knowledge didn't just end with whiskey, anything about Irish history as well. Highly recommend, we had a blast!”

Anna - December, 2018

“We had an absolutely incredible time with Gareth. He was fun, kind, knowledgable, and interesting and the 2 hours flew by. He took us to historic spots beyond the typical tourism route and shared his vast knowledge of Irish whiskey in an accessible way. I surprised my boyfriend with this and when we left, he said: "that was better than I could've imagined." thank you Gareth!”

Lukas - October, 2018

“This was a very special and unique experience. Gareth was very sympathetic and professionally versed. He has shown us traditionally pubs and also some secret places around Dublin. Wouldnt want to miss this magnificent tour and would join it at anytime again. Highly recommended!”

Stephanie - October, 2018

“Wonderful experience. You would be missing out if you did not participate. I was not a huge whiskey drinker before this tour. I thought I was not a fan of whiskey, turns out I was drinking shit whiskey. The bars were fantastic and Gareth was amazing. His overview of each whiskey and the history behind it was fascinating and informative. He also gave the tour a beautiful personal touch that really made the experience extra special. I more than highly recommend this experience especially with Gareth as the host.”

Ellen - 1 June 2018

"Garett is a wonderful host. Going from pub to pub we tried a series of excellent whiskeys and Gareth helped us to taste the differences between them. We learned how the various distilling processes yield the varieties of Irish whiskey. Gareth is charming, funny and personable, and seems to know half of Dublin. We found it an enchanting evening that ended way too soon."

Margarita - 4 May 2018

"Gareth is just a plentiful box of precious insights about Dublin and Ireland! He makes the whole experience very personal and authentic, so that you feel like a real Dubliner. The choice of whiskey samples was really diverse and not trivial as well as the variety of cheeses to accompany. I enjoyed every minute of the tour and Gareth’s company and will most definitely recommend to everyone who is eager to be a part of real Dublin, discover secret locations and outstanding Irish whiskey."


Megan - 20 May 2018

"This was such a unique experience! Gareth is very knowledgeable on whiskey, Dublin and Irish history. If you are looking for an authentic Dublin experience definitely book Gareth!"